Older woman was expelled from a Jet2 flight after punching a flight attendant who was serving her drinks.

She apparently started out irate after being told that the low-cost airline did not provide free champagne, despite her request. 

She then requested a gin and tonic, but the flight attendant took it away from her when she started acting irrationally.

The flight attendant can be seen calming the woman down before attempting in vain to control her flailing arms. She finally got up and gave the passenger two slaps after failing to restrain him.

A Jet2 representative apologised to the other travellers who were put off by the incident:

"We can confirm that yesterday's flight LS819 from Manchester to Rhodes was diverted to Munich Airport in order to remove a troublesome customer.

Customers' annoyance and this unanticipated delay are both regrettable, the representative added.