Egyptian Mau Cats

No one knows where the cat originated from, but spotted cats have been seen in Egypt.

When the Mau came in the U.S., fans outcrossed it with other cats and imported more from Egypt and India.

 Their foreheads have "M" markings and their tails are banded and dark-tipped.

The Egyptian Mau has large hind legs for speed. The Mau has a large skin fold under its belly that reaches from its flanks to its hind legs' knees

Gyptian Maus are amiable and loving with their main owners but sluggish to warm up to other people or pets.

Egyptian Maus give birth later than most cats. While most cats give birth after 65 to 67 days, Maus are pregnant for 73.

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Neptune taken by the James Webb Telescope to believe it. 

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