Dwyane Wade, a former member of the Miami Heat, discusses Anthony Edwards' anti-gay remarks.

Dwyane Wade, a former Miami Heat legend, recently addressed the anti-gay remarks made by Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards.

Wade said in an interview with The Wrap that having a transgender child had improved his understanding of the gay community.

"We all must be able to... I don't know, we all need to have more life experiences after being exposed to them, "Wade stated.

 "I've made a lot of promises about what I wouldn't do and what I wouldn't comprehend until I had the chance to experience it. 

 I then had the opportunity to experience it myself rather than just accepting what was given to me while I was growing up.

Since then, Edwards has expressed regret for the remarks he made on social media earlier this month. He was fined $40,000 by the league.

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