Driving a new electric "Flying Car" requires a valid driver's licence.

Doroni, a Miami-based company, has begun taking pre-orders for its "personal" aircraft. 

The business recently demonstrated the H1 cockpit at the EAA AirVenture in Wisconsin, simulating takeoff, flying, and landing using VR headsets.

Doroni is targeting a different market than the majority of eVTOL producers, who are making air taxis for usage within cities.

Instead, it is aiming its aircraft at private pilots, much like the Jetsons, with a claim that it will be more intuitive and simple to operate than a helicopter or regular aeroplane.

Company representatives stated in a webinar yesterday that they intend to "democratise" general aviation by using a safe, "semi-autonomous" plane.

Anyone with a regular driver's licence and a 20-hour training course, according to CEO Doron Merdinger, should be able to fly the H1.

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