Dr. Oz's Insult to Fetterman Backfires With New Slogan

With an ostensible insult that, particularly in Pennsylvania, comes across more like a complement, Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz .

Oz appears to have a problem with Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor, Fetterman, wearing hoodies for some reason.

It's not a coincidence, Oz remarked last week on the "Ruthless" podcast, when he dresses in that way.
He is a heel kick to the authorities.

Throughout the campaign, Oz and his staff have made a number of embarrassing gaffes, such as a video in which Oz complains about the high cost of "crudité"

Following Fetterman's stroke earlier this year, former TV medical show host Oz made his illness a campaign issue, which backfired.

Meanwhile, a campaign assistant publicly insulted Fetterman for his health scare, which further hurt the candidate's standing with voters.

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