Dozens of WWII-era ships that went down have been found during a period of severe drought.

The Air Force Research laboratory launched a revolving detonation rocket engine for a fraction of a second in a video webcast live on April 7. 

 Using a thermal picture of the exhaust plumes, the test video was successful when played at a much slower speed. 

For the short time it was powered, the engine's cylinder was home to two revolving explosions.

 In a contract issued July 18 and revised August 10, DARPA, the military‚Äôs blue sky projects branch, declared it sought to build a long-range weapon, powered by a revolving detonation engine.

 Gambit is a fitting moniker for such a far-reaching and comprehensive endeavour.

Many DARPA initiatives begin with the identification of a problem that can be addressed by developing a new technology to the point where it can be demonstrated. 

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