Dozens of former Trump lawyers face wrecked careers.

The New York Times reports that many lawyers who raced to defend Donald Trump are now facing disbarment, investigations.

Michael Schmidt and Luke Broadwater point out in their report that "As Mr. Trump has avoided impeachment and removal from office.

His lawyers have repeatedly been investigated as suspects or interrogated as prospective witnesses in criminal cases."

The report notes that prominent lawyers like Rudy Giuliani and lesser-known lawyers who fought to have the 2020 election overturned on the state level are all seeing their careers .

According to the data compiled for the report, ""Vigorously defending the client — even one known for unscrupulous behaviour or accused of an egregious crime .

But lawyers have to follow a code of ethics that prevents them from doing things like making fraudulent claims, bringing baseless lawsuits or motions, and aiding criminals in any way."

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