Disney World's best times for less crowds and nice weather

Walt Disney World is always a good time. Your priorities determine when to visit. Magic Kingdom's Halloween Mickey pumpkins line Main Street, U.S.A. How about visiting in winter? 

Your selection may also be influenced by seasonal festivities or holidays. Here's when to visit Disney World with friends or family.

There are times when Disney parks are less congested. January is calmer after the holidays. Travelers will enjoy colder temps - Spirit Jersey weather. Mid-August temperatures frighten away residents

and many families are preparing for back-to-school. End-of-summer lag lasts until mid-September as visitors prepare for Halloween.

Central Florida has approximately 365 days of sunlight, making it a year-round tourist destination. Summer days might reach triple digits, hindering your park-hopping marathon.

January temperatures average 50 degrees Florida gets cold. This may restrict certain activities, like accessing your resort's pool or Disney World's water parks  but it makes theme parks more pleasant

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