Disney+ To Merge With Streaming Service

Disney and Hulu are prominent streaming services. Disney has become a superpower with its Marvel and Star Wars movie and TV franchises. Hulu is the finest alternative to

cable or satellite for live TV, and now Netflix and Hulu might join forces.
Disney CEO Bob Chapek said the long-rumored Disney+ and Hulu combination is still far off. 

How a combination between Hulu and Disney's "all-ages" programming would operate is unknown. Creating mature material like American Horror Story, Archer, and Shameless while staying

 a family-friendly leader is difficult. Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and The Defenders on Netflix illustrate that Disney can add adult material.

Combining subscriber numbers will place the merged firm towards the top in subscription services. Disney+ ended the third quarter with 151 million members.

With ongoing Marvel, Star Wars, and old Disney programming, there's little reason not to expect a new monarch.

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And Americas Got Talent has a winner. 

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