Discoveries of new bird species in South America's last unexplored frontier.

A new species of bird, the "Subantarctic rayadito," has been discovered in the remote Diego Ramirez Islands.

Biologists have been blown away by the discovery of a whole new species of bird on the furthest southern islands of the Americas.

The Diego Ramirez Islands, located in the Subantarctic about 100 kilometres south of Cape Horn in Chile.

The little brown bird has black and yellow stripes and a big beak, and it weighs around 16 grammes (about half an ounce).

The discovery, published on Friday in the scientific journal Nature, emphasises the need of monitoring Earth's outlying regions.

There are no terrestrial animal predators or woody plants in the Diego Ramirez Archipelago, according to the research.

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The food webs supporting land mammals have shrunk by more than half.

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