Denver lady falls 900 feet while climbing Colorado's Capitol Peak.

Pitkin County Sheriff's Office said in a press statement that a Denver lady died after falling 900 feet while attempting to climb one of Colorado's most dangerous mountains on Saturday.

A guy called police at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, saying that he and a hiking group had seen the lady climbing alone on Capital Peak, located around 14 miles west of Aspen. 

 According to the announcement, the lady had fallen when the rock she had been clinging to broke way.

After being alerted, the sheriff's office called Aspen's Mountain Rescue team. According to the press statement, an eyewitness led rescuers to the woman's corpse.

The announcement said that "it was then calculated that the lady had fallen about 900 feet," from the trail that leads from the knife edge of Capitol Peak's peak to Pierre Lakes Basin.

The corpse of the lady was discovered and sent to the Pitkin County Coroner's office. Before disclosing the woman's identify, authorities are making efforts to locate her family members.

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