'Darling' star tracked down blameworthy in nephew's shooting demise

A government jury on Friday indicted a previous star of the St. Louis-based unscripted television show "Welcome to Darling's" of organizing the shooting passing of his nephew.

The jury thought around 17 hours north of three days prior to arriving at its decision in the homicide for-enlist body of evidence against James "Tim" Norman

He was accused of scheme to carry out murder-for-recruit, murder-for-recruit and connivance to commit mail and wire extortion.

Examiners are not looking for capital punishment but rather Norman could be condemned to up to life in jail. Condemning is set for Dec. 15.

Government examiners said Norman, 43, employed two individuals to kill the 21-year-old Montgomery on Walk 14, 2016,

then, at that point, attempted to cash a $450,000 life coverage strategy taken out on his nephew months sooner.

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Deputies in Florida say a kid shot at a womans car seven times during a road rage incident.

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