Dad Fumbling to Explain Why Toddler Daughter Doesn't Have Boobies Yet

Parenting is difficult, particularly when kids are young. Occasionally kids do and say awkward things in public, and sometimes they ask questions you don't know. So what?

Many parents of toddlers feel they have years until they need to have "the talk" about anatomy and birds and bees, but one dad on TikTok realised that's not always true

He captured the moment his toddler inquired why she doesn't have "boobies," and the expression on his face is how we all look when our child says anything like that.

Dad answered well despite being taken off guard by the question."They're not yet," he responded. You're too young, but they'll come.

When she inquired whether they'd grow, Dad instantly comforted her. But when she said she wanted "boobies like Grammy's," he lost it — and we're laughing along with him.

This video proves he and his daughter have an open enough connection for her to ask him this. Nice work, Dad!

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