Creating a Dog Room

Dog space doesn't have to be big. Having space is fantastic. Many dogs can live alone in a tiny area. If you can restrict them access to the home, that's a plus.

You may not know what dogs can't be around if you're new to dog ownership. Some plants, cleaning detergents, and electrical lines may hurt them.

Do a mini-risk assessment of the space to secure cords, pick up tiny items, and ensure the room is the proper temperature.

Dogs snooze half the day. Unless they're like our Ginger, who slept nonstop if we let her. A relaxing place is an essential.

They can sit, relax, and sleep comfortably. Think dog bed, pillows, throws, and blankets. Make sure they're comfortable and protected.

Your dog needs both physical and mental activity from walks. If you put out toys, they'll be less inclined to grab your shoes.

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