Couples should sleep separately

You're crazy about snoring."The erratic, loud, strange noises disturb the sleep cycle, preventing the bed mate from attaining deep slumber"

Different sleeping habits affect everyone. One person may need white noise, another silence. One person may favour window breezes, while another likes air conditioning.

If a groaning mattress has ever jolted you awake, your spouse works the night shift. Work schedules alter many couples' sleep timings and habits. Different circadian cycles affect other couples

The National Sleep Foundation recommends 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit for sleeping. But that amount doesn't account for under-the-sheets heat. Some individuals sleep so hot that their spouse sweats.

It may be impossible to find the perfect mattress for you and your partner. Better Sleep Council says mattress type affects sleep quality. There's no ideal, one-size-fits-all mattress

A chilly room is healthier for sleep, but snatching your bed partner's blankets may cause fitful sleep and alertness. If your sole alibi is "I was sleeping," you'll go to separate-bed prison.

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