Costco's Bakery Meal Is Back

Costco locations offer several food choices, and views may vary. Many appreciate Costco's $5 rotisserie chicken. Not all goods are so well-received

 The wholesaler recently placed one bakery meal back on sale, which some buyers may pass over. The chain's bakery has done this before.

This year, Costco's little raspberry cakes divided customers. People applauded the treats on Instagram. Others found the icing overly "artificial" or "sweet."

With temperatures falling in many regions of the U.S., comforting foods like this five-ingredient chilli are back on menus. Costco's ready-to-eat chilli received mixed reviews.

Costcohotfinds used the chilli to create a chilli dog on Instagram. Some reactions were polar opposites. lulutsotsi said, "Yum! Frybread, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, olives, and avocado."

Horrible...natural tastes and processed meat," commented cadmattsd.

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