Costco's Advent Calendar Is Controversial

Advent calendars are normally a joyous precursor to Christmas, so why is Costco's controversial?

Advent calendars helped converts prepare for baptism. Later, families used chalk to mark down the days before Christmas (per Parenta). By the 1950s, this new holiday ritual had reached America, 

and by 1971 Cadburys had introduced chocolate Advent calendars (per Advantage of Change).

According to Craft, Canada got its first drunken Advent calendar in 2012 and the UK a year later (per Best of British Beer). Costco began selling beer Advent calendars in 2014. 

A prominent Instagram account revealed the return of Kalea's 2022 Advent calendar. The advent of the German beer product coincides with Oktoberfest. "It's 24 German 17-ounce cans.

$699.99 "@costcobuys Instagram caption. Fans have tagged each other in the video's comments to highlight the transaction.

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NFL's 71-year tradition is overdue.

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