'Conversation' About MLB Team Name Change Urged by White House

In the playoffs of 2022, the Atlanta Braves will once again command attention as they defend their World Series victory.

Atlanta will travel to Washington, D.C., on Tuesday to open a three-game series against the Nationals. The Braves celebrated their 2021 title on Monday at the White House. 

This prompted a reporter to question Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, about the team's moniker and use of the tomahawk chop.

According to us, this discourse is crucial, and Native Americans and indigenous voices ought to be at the forefront of it, Jean-Pierre remarked.

President Joe Biden and his administration, according to Jean-Pierre, think that "all individuals ought to be treated with dignity and respect."

After consulting with a nearby Cherokee tribe, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred stated in October of last year that the Native American population "is totally supportive" of the club and organization.

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