Consumers want healthy, sustainable drinks.

Kerry, a renowned taste and nutrition company, found that drinks with health benefits, sustainability, and improved nutrition are gaining appeal among foodservice customers

Kerry's recent study on foodservice drinks indicates customers want tastes linked to health and nutrition, such strawberry, lemon, and mango, but also want excitement and a sensory 

experience from Frappuccino and bubble tea.
The new Art of Taste and Nutrition 2022 summer research categorises the top beverage platforms and flavours, while evaluating global trends and impacts.

Consumers want healthier foodservice alternatives. Nutrition-focused LTO products must provide exceptional flavour and health benefits via fortification and halo ingredients.

With Europe's markets reopened this summer foodservice businesses are jostling for customers' attention. Kerry Europe's VP and General Manager for Foodservice believes LTOs are more popular than ever.

“Fruit flavours remain the key offering for summer LTOs in Europe, but with two peculiarities. First, people choose foreign flavours because they remind them of vacations. 

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