Coming to Disney+ is the worst X-Men film ever.

With the premiere of the franchise's first movie in 2000, The X-Men made their debut on the big screen 22 years ago. The original trilogy's third film, X-Men

The Last Stand, was released in theatres in 2006. Its sequel, X2, was released in 2003. Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and Patrick Stewart's Professor X became legendary figures thanks to the movies

which brought the recognisable mutants to life. Each project made more money than its predecessor, at which point a number of spin-offs were developed to varied degrees of success. 

The New Mutants from 2020, which will soon be available on Disney+, marked its conclusion.

After the former finished The Fault in Our Stars, Boone and Lee started work on the movie. To X-Men producer Simon Kinberg, the pair suggested The New Mutants be a trilogy.

They were formally accepted into the project at the beginning of 2015. 2017 saw the start of production at Medfield State Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts once the casting process was over.

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