College football world responds to odd reorganisation of conferences

After the initial frenzy of the summer when UCLA and USC abruptly switched from the Pac-12 to the Big Ten, college football realignment has settled down considerably. 

At the time, many believed that big league realignment changes would continue to occur often over the next months. 

However, this hasn't been the case, and Pac-12 conference commissioner George Kliavkoff believes it won't change.

In a recent interview, Kiavkoff stated that he does not anticipate any further Pac-12 teams joining the Big Ten, implying that if it were to occur, it would have already occurred.

On the Canzano/Wilner podcast, Kliavkoff reportedly said, "If schools [were] leaving for the Big Ten, they would have left for the Big Ten already." This statement was confirmed by Dennis Dodd.

The departures of USC and UCLA seemed to come out of nowhere, so it's an odd quote. Additionally, the Big Ten will keep pursuing expansion, according to commissioner Kevin Warren.

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