Coffee cup type matters

What's so unattractive about room-temperature coffee? As coffee cools, it oxidises and becomes more bitter, according to Homegrounds. The pH influences the taste

Choose the right cup to keep your coffee hot and fresh. Taste of Home cites using the incorrect cup as one of 12 typical coffee brewing blunders. 

The size of your coffee cup impacts the scent. Mark Vecchiarelli of coffee accessory manufacturer KURVE told Perfect Daily Grind that headspace allows the scent to aerate. 

A broader cup enables you to tilt it more, which intensifies the scent. Narrow cups aren't necessarily less tasty; just don't overfill them.

The kind of coffee cup you use influences the taste, according to a 2018 research. A group of coffee specialists and amateurs determined that coffee served in a "tulip mug"  had a stronger

 scent (classic diner mug). Experts favoured the sweeter, more acidic coffee served in a divided cup, but not beginners.

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