Chris Froome was 'doored' in Monaco and wounded.

Chris Froome (Israel-Premier Tech) asked drivers to adopt the 'Dutch reach' after getting 'doored' on his Sunday training ride.

Before the incident, Froome shared a video of his ride along the Monaco shore and afterwards described what transpired

"Yesterday, I went on a beautiful Sunday ride with great weather and vistas. I was doored 500m from home.

Someone opened their door in front of me. I didn't even make it to my brakes since it was that close. I crashed through the door."

He then advocated for the 'Dutch reach,' a safer approach for opening a vehicle door from the inside taught to drivers in Europe and adopted in the UK following dooring deaths.

"Instead of opening the door with your nearest hand, use your opposite hand to turn your body and look whether there's traffic or bikes approaching.

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