Cardinals demolish, Red Sox fade

September! Only four weeks remain in the MLB regular season. Half the teams' players have booked October vacations. Others will be gone longer.

MLB Power Rankings change weekly. Despite the same lowest teams and comparable top teams, it's the second-tier clubs that yo-yo.

Not this week. With so much at stake, MLB clubs are trying to feel more like He-Man. Who is most powerful this week?

Let's bury the Washington Nationals in MLB's Power Rankings. With a month remaining, no team could end worse than them.

This season wasn't about Washington. Fans must cross their fingers and hope the next generation is as good as the 2019 World Series champions.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have become more watchable due to their youthful talent. Oneil Cruz hits and throws harder than any position player. This squad, like the Nationals, wasn't expected to compete.

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