Captain America Demonstrates His Shield's Greater Power Than You May Have Thought

Captain America's recognizable indestructible shield is as significant as any outfit in serving as a representation of one of Marvel's finest characters.

A new page demonstrates that the shield's genuine stress limit is far higher than one may anticipate, even though the highest limit of its impenetrability is still unknown.

In the continuing Judgment Day event, The Avengers are caught in the thick of a conflict between the Eternals and the X-Men. 

The Avengers and their allies assisted in the construction of the Progenitor, a Celestial fashioned from the corpse that acts as Avengers Mountain,

 in order to thwart the Eternal Druig's assault on mutantkind. The Progenitor, instead of leaving it to the Celestial to simply issue a cease-fire to its Eternal slaves, 

decided to bring Earth's judgment day by judging each human to determine if they are, at their essence, good or evil. 

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