Burger King wants to reintroduce the Whopper.

The business fell behind competition because to pandemic missteps. Burger King has been playing catch-up in recent quarters, and the firm hopes a massive investment in restaurants

 and advertising will drive growth and catapult it ahead of its contemporaries.

Burger King North America President Tom Curtis said, "We want to restore America's love affair with the Whopper." Workers will be educated to prepare the greatest Whopper possible, 

and kitchens will promote uniformity and simplicity of preparation.
"We haven't spoken enough. Curtis: "We haven't celebrated it enough."

He claimed the brand is studying if the Whopper can be improved. The team doesn't want to change its best-known product. Curtis: "If it ain't broke, don't repair it."

During the epidemic, restaurants had to swiftly adapt to interrupted supply chains, shuttered dining rooms, and increased delivery demand. Burger King wasn't flexible.

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