Brian Daboll Drops F-Bomb On Live TV Arguing Pass Interference Call

Brian Daboll has waited his whole life to be an NFL head coach and he's already making his presence known.

The first-year New York Giants head man was very vocal during his team's second preseason game. So much so that the NFL Network broadcast caught him swearing at an official.

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With 10:42 left in the fourth quarter, Giants tight end Austin Allen was called for offensive pass interference. Daboll did not agree with the call.

The Giants wound up beating the Cincinnati Bengals 25-22. It was an eventful game that saw Giants first-round pick Kayvon Thibodeaux go down with a knee injury.

If it is a serious injury, I'd love for Daboll to be mic'd up so we can get his reaction

While Thibodeaux doesn't believe the injury is serious, he'll have further tests on Monday.

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