Bo Bichette achieves a goal that Lou Gehrig hadn't achieved in MLB in 92 years.

Bo Bichette has continued to put on a show as the Toronto Blue Jays settle into a series against the Tampa Bay Rays that will have an influence on the playoffs.

Bichette had two hits, three RBI, and one run as the Blue Jays defeated the Rays 3-2.

Bichette joined an exclusive group of athletes with this stat line, becoming just the second player to accomplish a legendary achievement.

Bichette has amassed 24 hits, 21 RBI, 15 runs, seven home runs, and six doubles through 11 games in September.

The only other player to compile these stats over an 11-game span is Bo Bichette. The last player to do this was Lou Gehrig, who did it back in 1930.

The Rays, the Blue Jays' current rivals, are also only a game and a half away. The Rays currently have a 78-61 record. 

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