Bitcoin down 0.02% today

According to CoinMarketCap, bitcoin (BTC) is £17,198 as of 9:11am today. That's down 0.02% from yesterday's £17,202, 3.08% from last week, and 14.91% from a month ago.

24-hour trading volume is £24.3 billion, while market cap is £329.2 billion.
Bitcoin peaked at £50,843 and bottomed out at £14,485.

If you bought a bitcoin at the 52-week low of £14,485 and sold it today for £17,198, you'd make £2,713, or 18.73%.

Crypto exchanges are needed to invest in bitcoin. Gains may be taxed. Past outcomes don't indicate future ones. Bitcoin is speculative, and you might lose everything.

Bitcoin fell 0.02% in 24 hours. BTC fell below its 52-week high of £50,843 today.
Bitcoin touched £17,537 last week and £16,838 last week.

Total bitcoins mined: 19,141,856. Several million bitcoins are unavailable because holders lost network keys or wallet passwords. 21 million are available.

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