Bill Gates believes he's gotten the brunt of COVID conspiracy bashing since people don't know Anthony Fauci outside the U.S.

Since the emergence of COVID-19, Bill Gates via the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has invested over $2 billion to boost the global response to the pandemic

by making vaccinations accessible to lower-income countries and sponsoring the development of antivirals or immunotherapies.

In the views of a tiny segment of the people, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and U.S. President, did much more: they organised the entire epidemic to control the populace.

You don't want to make light of it. "It's the most sensible way to deal with it, but it's really serious," Gates told the Guardian on Tuesday about the COVID rumours around him.

While the allegations were created in the U.S. — notably by QAnon conspiracy theorists — and have consumed both Gates and Fauci's domestic work in the COVID-19 response, 

when the rumours expanded to Europe, Gates suffered the brunt of the hatred owing to his worldwide reputation as Microsoft founder.

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