Before Thunder's 3-1 loss, KD wanted to join the Dubs, according to Draymond

Kevin Durant explained his decision to join the Warriors after the 2015–16 NBA season in 2021.

Durant desired to play basketball in its purest form, and Golden State provided him all of those things while also giving him the opportunity to join a team with NBA championship experience.

Long before Golden State upset Durant's Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2016 Western Conference Finals, 

Warriors guard Draymond Green thinks Steve Kerr's style of basketball had a significant influence in drawing Durant's interest.

On the "Checc'n In" podcast on Wednesday, Green stated that KD "wanted to play excellent basketball." "You watched the style of basketball we played, 

where the players moved the ball. Steph is hot. For Steph, everyone is running the screen. We are having fun as everyone tries to get Steph the ball.

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