At Northeastern University, a package bursts, injuring one person.

A staff member was hurt when a package detonated on the Northeastern University campus in Boston late Tuesday

At the same time, investigators reported finding another suspicious item close to a well-known art gallery.

Just before 7 o'clock, a parcel was brought to Holmes Hall at the university. It went off when a staff member opened it, according to Shannon Nargi, a Northeastern University spokeswoman

In the email, Nargi stated that the staff member "suffered minor injuries and is being treated."

Authorities said that they discovered a 45-year-old man with minor hand injuries from the explosion during a news conference late on Thursday. 

Before 7:30 p.m., Boston police were called, and students attending an evening lesson in the hall were removed from the structure. Additionally, Boston Emergency Services arrived on the site.

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