As mourners raise a glass in her honour, the Queen's favourite beverage sells out.

In some supermarkets, the Queen's preferred beverage has reportedly been selling out as mourners attempt to raise a glass in her honour.

Many royal admirers have been paying homage by sipping on her rumoured favourite beverage, a Dubonnet and gin cocktail.

This has caused several retailers to run out of stock. According to the Liverpool Echo, a BBC reporter noted that the product was fully sold out on the shelves of a Waitrose shop.

The alcoholic beverage was also out of stock earlier this week on Tesco's website and at House of Malt. 

The bottles were also removed from Neither the merchant 365 drinks nor the spirit store had any available for purchase.

Tim Dunn said on Twitter, "Two parts Dubonnet, one part gin. My friends, we will always be New Elizabethans, and I suggest that we honour her every day in this way. 

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