As Jimmy Garoppolo chooses his team for 2022, the intrigue is officially gone.

For Jimmy Garoppolo, the past several months have been quite unpredictable. 

The quarterback's future was in doubt, but a few days before the 2022 NFL season is set to begin, he has chosen the team he will represent this time around.

For some athletes, there are still some questions to be answered before the start of the 2022 NFL season, but not for Jimmy Garoppolo.

The quarterback has finally decided where he will play after the turmoil with the San Francisco 49ers during the summer, and his choice won't please everyone.

Even though Jimmy Garoppolo no longer plays for the 49ers, he is still regarded as one of the league's top quarterbacks. 

Trey Lance was chosen to be their starting quarterback for the upcoming season, although it appears that they are not entirely confidence in him.

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