After the Bills destroy the Titans, Mike Vrabel is unrelenting.

After his Tennessee Titans were destroyed 41-7 by the Buffalo Bills on Monday night, Mike Vrabel did not hold back.

After Tennessee responded with a score to Buffalo's touchdown on the first drive, things went bad quickly. The Bills led the Titans 17-7 at the half before thoroughly dismantling them in the third.

Buffalo scored 24-0 more than Tennessee did in the third frame. They took advantage of a botched punt and added a pick-six to easily win the game.

After the game, Vrabel did not mince words.We were just "kicked in the a-es." We were outcoached and outplayed, and we need to make changes, said Vrabel (profanity edited by LBS).

There is no avoiding it. Buffalo thoroughly overpowered them. In the second half, things turned nasty.

It was Kyle Phillips' second consecutive week of botching a punt. Stefon Diggs was able to make 12 catches for 148 yards and 3 touchdowns thanks to the defence.

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