After Kaden Lebsack's victory, 'American Ninja Warrior' fans are criticising the programme.

Even though Kaden Lebsack has been declared the winner of American Ninja Warrior, not everyone is pleased with how the news was revealed.

The 16-year-old from Colorado was crowned the season 14 champion on Monday night by American Ninja Warrior presenter Akbar Gbajabiamila.

In the action-packed climax, Kaden faced up against Jay Lewis, Josh Levin, Josiah Pippel, and R.J. Roman. 

All of the competitors attempted to ascend an 80-foot rope climb in 30 seconds to earn the $1 million prize after reaching stage four. 

Sadly, none of them managed to complete it in time. Kaden, though, finished first overall and took home the top prize of $100,000.

He struck the bell with 36 seconds left and edged Josh by by 0.1 seconds. The Last Ninja Standing for the second year in a row is Kaden Lebsack. said Akbar.

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