After a quiet August, forecasters are watching for a storm.

Meteorologists are watching a disturbance that might gain pace as it travels west, which could disrupt an exceptionally calm Atlantic hurricane season.

The National Hurricane Center reported cloudiness and thunderstorms 875 miles east of the Lesser Antilles on Tuesday. The low pressure region was predicted to become a tropical depression this week.

National Hurricane Center spokesperson Maria Torres said the storm's U.S. chances are "very low" "Over the following several days, we'll see whether it remains at sea."

The disturbance had a 50% probability of developing a tropical storm within two days and an 80% chance within five days. 

If the disturbance becomes Tropical Storm Danielle, the summer will conclude with only three additional named storms. Alex produced floods in South Florida and killed three in Cuba.

She warned "Things may change, and the season isn't ended yet." She cited Hurricane Andrew, which ravaged South Florida and Louisiana in 1992, an otherwise calm year. Hurricane season has months left.

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