About Sovereign Elizabeth II's Internment Site and Its Importance

Sovereign Elizabeth II, who passed on last week at 96 years old, is set to be covered at St. George's Church inside the grounds of Windsor Palace.

St. George's church has a few segments and niches, including the Ruler George VI Commemoration House of prayer, which the Sovereign charged after her dad's passing.

 The Sovereign will be covered in the dedication house of prayer close by her folks, Lord George VI and Sovereign Elizabeth, and her sister, Princess Margaret.

 24 individuals from the imperial family are covered at St. George's House of prayer, including a few individuals let go in the Regal Vault.

St. George's Sanctuary has a long history for the imperial family, as an internment site, yet as an area for weddings, christenings and burial services.

Development of the church initially started in 1475 under Ruler Edward IV's reign and was finished in 1528 under Lord Henry VIII.

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