Abe's military funeral reflects Japan's tension

There may appear to be an endless stream of passionate arguments for and against the contentious state funeral of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The photographs from Tuesday's ceremony, however, most vividly depicted a country still bitterly divided by the legacy of possibly.

In the wake of Abe's murder in July, certain parts of Tokyo resembled a police state rather than the capital of one of the world's most stable countries.

Thousands of demonstrators came to the streets, prompting the deployment of 20,000 police officers and more than 1,000 military to the areas around the large burial hall.

Abe's funeral exposed part of the ugly realities of a divided society, challenging the stereotype that Japan is a unified country with a homogenous middle class.

Many of the mourners who lined up for hours to leave flowers and pay their respects before photographs of Abe at a park near the ceremonial rituals .

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