Walt Would Hate Disney World's Recent Major Changes

The founder of the company opposed the addition that the theme park has big plans to make.

The founder of his namesake company, Walt Disney, had a very clear idea of what family entertainment should be. His early films were all G-rated, 

making them suitable for the whole family to enjoy without worrying about anything straying into or even remotely approaching the adult space.

Inventor of the Walt Disney (DIS) - Get When Disneyland debuted in 1955, The Walt Disney Firm Report company already had an idea of what he loved and desired. 

The creator of Disney did not think some items belonged in the theme park run by his firm.

Not because he didn't think things were kid-friendly, but rather because of how sticky they made it difficult to keep Disneyland tidy. This also included gum, ice cream, and cotton candy. 

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