A man who spent $30 on a lottery ticket 

A man who spent $30 on a lottery ticket has won a record $20 million from the state of California.

Winner of the Most Games Ever The California Lottery said on Tuesday that Chad Fry found out he had won the big sum while shopping for groceries.

Now that I've seen all those zeroes, it's bound to sink in that I'm a multimillionaire, I think. Fry declared in an official statement.

While out getting some new shorts earlier in the day, Fry stopped by the Foothill Market and picked up a ticket for the Set for Life Millionaire Edition.

Fry said he chose to splurge on the $30 ticket since he'd just been paid and it was more than he usually spends on a concert.

I was waiting for payment from these individuals for months. About his "side construction work," Fry stated.

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