A cancer-killing virus saved a patient's life.

According to BBC News, the procedure has reportedly saved at least one patient's life.

"I was given no options and end-of-life care," he told the BBC. "It was awful, therefore joining the trial was amazing."

Many experiments fail. This one seems to be an exception, at least for now, which is great news for Wojnowski and may benefit others.

"Injections every two weeks for five weeks removed my cancer," Wojnowski told the BBC. "I'm two years cancer-free."

Direct tumour injections of RP2 virus. Invading cancer cells causes them to explode, and the immune system helps finish the job, according to the BBC.

Three out of nine patients who had only RP2 had their tumours shrink, while seven out of 30 who received RP2 and nivolamb also benefited.

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