A bear with an arrow protruding from it wanders into a property in the Los Angeles region.

Residents in the Los Angeles County community of Arcadia are accustomed to seeing bears, but what some of them witnessed on Sunday angered many of them.

Around noon on Sunday, a huge bear was discovered relaxing in a backyard with an arrow sticking out of it. Neighbors claimed the bear frequented the area on a daily basis.

"The bear seemed helpless when we first noticed him lying on the front lawn, around 25 to 30 feet away from us. The most heartbreaking part was when he laid on his side,

tilted his head up to gaze at us, and lifted his paw almost like he was pleading for assistance "Camacho said. 

"I couldn't tell how big the arrow was, but it (had) pierced," the speaker said.

After some time, the bear stood up and carefully lumbered a few blocks away to another yard, according to Camacho.

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