A 77-year-old Florida woman gets attacked by an alligator as "His Eyes Were Locked on Us."

The lizard that had been hiding in a pond near Ellsworth Avenue bit the Bradenton woman, who was taken urgently to the hospital. 

This happened on September 3. According to Fox13, neighbours heard the woman's screams and one ran outside to assist.

There are 1.3 million alligators in Florida. They are widespread across the state's 67 counties and frequently hide out in ponds and marshes.

Around 6 o'clock in the evening, wildlife officers showed there to begin an investigation.

After the event, a neighbour who had raced outside to assist noticed the alligator on the sidewalk, according to East Manatee Fire District Battalion Chief Craig Madsen, who responded to the call.

According to Madsen, who spoke to the news organisation, "the gator released the victim and proceeded back in the water as he started hollering at it."

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