70 years of notable gifts US presidents traded with the sovereign

At a Buckingham Royal residence lunch meeting during George H. W. Bramble's most memorable outing to Europe as president in 1989.

"The Sovereign addressed 'I don't have the foggiest idea. You gave it to ME,'" Barbara Hedge composed.

During her over 70-year rule, Elizabeth got a few hundred gifts from the American public, as indicated by Sally Goodsir, a guardian with the Regal Assortment Trust.

"The trade is a token of generosity, and the gifts are illustrative of customary abilities or of social importance.

The Tiffany silver box President Joe Biden gave the sovereign last year is engraved with both a picture of Windsor Palace.

The sovereign's many gifts to U.S. presidents - which they acknowledge for the benefit of the country yet can once in a while save for themselves while possibly not entirely significant.

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