7 Little Words Sept. 14 2022 Answers

7 Little Words is a crossword-like game that uses groupings of letters to form the answers. Every letter block is used once each problem.

7 Little Words delivers a daily and four bonus puzzles everyday (in-app only). This page features the September 14, 2022 problem solutions and 4 bonus puzzles.

Read all the clues until you feel like you have the solution, then search for the initial half of the answer in the letters supplied

When you're stuck, choose clues with a shorter response (e.g. 6 letters, usually 2 words) and add the remaining possibilities, one by one, until something clicks in your head. 

Look for frequent prefixes and suffixes in lengthier answers. These include co, com, con, re, pre, and suffixes like tion, ity, er, ism, ant, and age. -ed, -er, -ly, and -ing are all common endings.

The tense of the hint and whether it wants a pluralized response might help you limit down word ending alternatives

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