49ers Kyle Shanahan responds to a divisive Jimmy Garoppolo quotation

Jimmy Garoppolo controversially said, "I feel freer on the field than I have in years, extending all the way back to 2017."

After earning his first victory as the San Francisco 49ers' starting quarterback since way back in January.

Garoppolo actually reiterated his view when NBC Sports Bay Area asked him to comment on his remarks on Thursday.

Garoppolo expressed his desire for it on Thursday. Yes, there are clearly many factors involved, but I enjoy performing that kind of work.

In 2017, there was a sense of freedom between myself, the receivers, and tight ends. A challenging offense is created when you combine that with offensive talent and a quarterback.

weird, huh? Well, as his words make plain, Kyle Shanahan wasn't all that thrilled to read the statements, much less be questioned about them during his Friday media availability.

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