40 years after using an axe to murder his wife, husband is found guilty

James Krauseneck contacted the police on a chilly afternoon in February 1982 to report that he had just returned from work

and discovered his 29-year-old wife dead in their bedroom with an axe in her skull.

Sara, their 3-year-old daughter, remained in her own room at their New York residence.

Authorities in Brighton were baffled by the horrifying finding and had trouble coming up with a suspect in Cathleen "Cathy" Krauseneck's murder. 

Even after detectives sought assistance from the FBI and a well-known coroner, the cold case, sometimes known as the "Brighton Axe Murder," went unresolved for many years.

However, in 2019, officials detained Krauseneck on suspicion that he killed his wife, arranged the crime to appear as a botched robbery, and then left to go to work

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