25 years ago, the queen honoured Diana

Princess Diana, her son's famous ex-wife, died in a car crash, leaving behind two young sons who were the heirs to the throne.

"Keep calm and carry on" had been the motto of the era throughout World War II.Elizabeth, even after the death of her own father at the age of 25.

But Britain had evolved over the decades and the public no longer appreciated the royal family keeping up its traditional prim and proper demeanour.

Tony Blair's arrival as prime minister did not assist.Blair made a public statement shortly after Diana's death on August 31, 1997.

Then the floodgates of emotion unleashed.People sobbed on the streets, some comforting each other by hugging total strangers.

The current monarch and her family were vacationing at Balmoral, her remote Scottish castle where she would die decades later.

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