2022 NFL predictions from Peter King

Thanksgiving. Time to risk getting tomatoes thrown at my neck and head.
I'm choosing Buffalo-Green Bay.

I choose the Packers to make their first Super Bowl in 12 years by travelling there. Aaron Rodgers would love that! And I'm choosing the Bills to end their 0-4, three-decade-long Super Bowl drought.

Buffalo almost won last year, scoring 83 points in eight quarters in the AFC playoffs. Overtime hit Kansas City. They've eliminated all questions and naysayers this year.

AFC is packed. Mr. Insight, elaborate! Four AFC West clubs are contenders. Baltimore, Cincinnati. Tennessee. Indianapolis and Miami are. Add Buffalo, and 10 teams might play until late January

When Matt Ryan is the ninth-best quarterback in the league, you know there are many teams that can win on any given Sunday. Tuesday. Wednesday.

 Some NFC upstarts—Saints, Vikings, Eagles—could become threats. All make the playoffs. There's a lot to appreciate about the Rams, who are seeking to repeat as champions

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2 MLB rookies throw beauties on Monday

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